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What if the depth of your faith is not determined by how “blessed” you are with things but with how gracefully you suffer?

What if faith grows richer and fuller in the midst of failure and suffering rather than prayers answered in a timely manner with the answers I pictured?

What if the closer to God we get the more silent God gets?

What if faith is more about letting go of my image of God at every stage and embracing a more reckless God?

What if my clinging to my comforts and my definition of God’s promises, my image of God, my expectations are what is really holding me back from knowing God?

What if faith is actually a fist raised in resistance in the midst of horrible circumstances and enormous doubts declaring I will believe anyways?



Resurrected to restlessness

My mind churns like a turbulent sea

Raging thoughts swell like white capped waves.

My heart longs for what it does not know.

I am restless.

God is the source of peace.

The Serene One.

The Prince of Peace.

Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.

Creation groans for her salvation to be fully realized.

I am restless in the deepest part of me.

How can God be serene when we are restless?