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This past election cycle, I chose not to vote and found freedom. I removed myself from the drama of politics. I didn’t have a dog in the fight.

Stepping back from the whole making a decision on who to vote for and planting my flag, I found I could see all the manipulative tactics the politicians from both sides use. My eyes opened to how much fear plays a part in our politics. The Republicans seemed to have honed that skill. Like a world renown orchestra playing a requiem, the Republicans filled our airwaves with the music of fear–if ISIS didn’t kill us, Ebola was going to do us in. The Democrats were much less skilled in making fearful music, they were clumsy about it. What everyone needed to fear according to the Democrats were the Republicans. Each politician seems to fill our world with a sense of fear. So much for the “home of the brave,” America sounded like the home of the agoraphobics.

But I was able to free myself from that. And my voice was heard in an odd way, as the President said, those who chose not to vote, he heard us as well. I wonder if the tactics of the campaigns would change if we all stopped being motivated by fear.

I also found myself free from the messianic complex of each political party. The Christian Right are convinced that if democrats and liberals are elected God’s judgment will come. And so the Republicans and Tea Partiers are the hope for salvation. Christian leftists are convinced that if we do not care for the poor, the judgment of God will come.

God’s Kingdom will come but not through the government of the USA or through our using the tactics of USAmerican politics. The politics of either party will not keep God’s Kingdom from coming.

I do not know if I will choose not to vote next year. If I do vote, it will be through very different eyes.