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In the past week we have witnessed the American discourse at its lowest. No I am not talking about the presidential debate. I am talking about Ann Coulter and Donald Trump.

On the night of the debate, Ann Coulter tweets an offensive remark about President Obama. Then the other day Donald Trump challenges the president.

Sadly, Coulter and Trump seem to lack the talent to get people’s attention without being shockingly rude and offensive. They use their power to tear down and spread sensationalism rather than build community and search for truth.

In Christ, I find the picture of one who shocks with love and forgiveness. Those that others would keep out of power and experiencing God, Jesus sits and has dinner with. Those who were judged by others based on their social status, ethnic status, or faithfulness to tradition, Jesus healed and taught.

If only Ann Coulter and Donald Trump would choose to shock us with love and grace rather than rudeness. But I guess there is no money in that.